15 May 2010

zacchaeus, continued

okay, so i was thinking more about the story of zacchaeus and how he had to climb up a tree just to see the face of Jesus. for some reason, that really struck me. a grown man climbing a tree just to see the face of Jesus. can you imagine having the
conviction deep within yourself to do that?

what must that have looked like?...a grown man, even small in stature, climbing a tree. not only was he a tax collector and looked down upon for that, but now he's climbing a tree. no wonder the crowd shouted things about him and judged him. think about how people in today's society would react to an event like that.

yet, he's the one that Jesus wanted. Jesus purposefully set out to see zacchaeus and spend time with him.

and the truth is, Jesus wants us just as much as He wanted zacchaeus.

it's just up to us to seek His face.

so, are you going to look for Him?

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