03 May 2010

matthew 6:8

..."for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." matthew 6:8

right now, it's so difficult to wrap my head around this passage, to understand it's depth and meaning, wondering how that's even possible.

how can someone know what is always needed, before it is requested?

it makes me think of how a mom takes care of her newborn baby. she can't always know what the baby needs before the baby begins to cry out. most of the time when trying to accommodate it's trial and error, possibly never finding the perfect balance to sooth or ease the needs of the baby. and the mother will continue to press on, trying to learn the nonverbal cues of the baby.

i guess that's where God is different. He just knows. He shows us His power, His perfection, by knowing us from inside and out.


...and i need to remember that...

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