12 May 2010

the tax collector or the pharisee?

after reading luke 18:9-14, i feel myself battling between the two roles of the tax collector and the pharisee. i say this because i feel myself taking on both roles, depending on the audience. and in all actuality, neither title sounds appealing...tax collector?...pharisee?

you see, when i'm around others, i want to be seen as the tax collector. someone who is repentant, sorrowful, and in need of mercy; yet thankful for all that has been done. this is how i want to be seen outwardly, even though i may feel different on the inside. i know that sounds horrible, but it's true.

on the inside, i'm sometimes like the pharisee. i want God to acknowledge how i'm doing things right and others aren't. i want the glory for myself. i want God to put me up on the pedestal that He should be standing upon.

when i'm feeling like that, it's time for my inside to be humbled.

it's time for me to be transformed from the inside out.

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