09 May 2010

it's just you and me, God

yesterday, i had the opportunity to run a mini-marathon. yes, that's 13.1 miles and if you know me or have known me, that task may have been deemed nearly impossible.

the preparation and training for it took months, literally! i started my own training in november to prepare for this in may. i needed to succeed at this. not only for health reasons, but to prove to myself that it was possible.

race day came with much anticipation and nervousness. i was more nervous days before than on the actual day. i made a list of people to pray for on my hand, as a way to distract me during the run and connect with God all at the same time. it was a good distraction and reminder of people who are dealing with different things, some of whom couldn't do what i was doing because of medical conditions. it was a way to remind me to press on towards the goal.

around mile 11 or 12, extreme fatigue hit me.

i wanted to give up,

to sit down

right then and there.

but my friend, trainer, co-runner was there, and she was not going to let me quit! and that's exactly what i needed. without her, i wouldn't have crossed that finish line. so, i gathered myself up, as best as i could, and reached out to God.

now i was praying for myself.

God has repeatedly been asking me, "why don't you trust me?" i was bound and determined to show Him that i did, by allowing Him (and my friend) to get me through this race.

i called out to God, "it's just you and me, God."

and He heard me loud and clear. by His grace and mercy, i was able to finish the race strong, with my dear friend beside me, coaching me the whole way.

you see, God didn't give up on me.

He never has.

He's been there all along,
waiting for me to ask Him for help.

He's teaching me to trust Him and others. i'm thankful for the experience, as difficult as it may have seemed at the time.