15 December 2010

frustrated...with myself

truth be told, i'm frustrated.
mostly with myself.
and i'm to blame.

i can get past the not blogging in over a month. i don't like that i haven't made time for it, but the only way to change that is to do something about it now. so i am.

but what i'm really frustrated with is how i handled a situation. you see, i was out shopping on black friday doing my thing, getting gifts, having fun, and reaching my level of overstimution and hunger....at 10am. i'm looking around trying to get a couple more gifts...

remember, i'm overstimulated and hungry at this point.

so, i'm standing in what would be my final store and notice a former co-worker from at least 10 years ago. not only were we co-workers, we were also close friends. friends that hung out on the weekends, had similar interest, even traveled together.

and i made a conscience decision not to say anything to her.

i go about my business doing my own thing, knowing that she's in the same store just inches away from me and continue not to say anything. because after we pass by each other a couple times it gets more and more awkward and you wonder if at that point you should even say anything.
i end up leaving the store without the perfect gift and feeling like a complete idiot for not even saying hi.

because what did I have to lose???

the answer is simply....


and now i'm left feeling frustrated and thinking that i missed out...