16 May 2010

God in spin class?

yesterday, as i was in spin class (waiting for it to begin), i was hit with a thought and began to wonder about the salvation of those who were also in the room taking the class with me. this was a new experience for me, and yet i'm glad that i was open to it then and there. and one would think that with it being spin class, maybe God wouldn't use them at that time/place...you know, so you could stay in the zone and get a good workout in. because isn't good health/fitness important?!? anyway, i was able to stay in the zone and get my workout in, but the thought still was on my heart and in my mind.

so what do you do with that?

and the easy, logical answer would be to pray about it and the let the Spirit lead.

and yes, i plan to do that. but i also will ponder why the Spirit came upon me then and there, and what's the greater purpose for this all?

i know i need to keep my eyes, ears, and even heart open to hear the call of God and see how He will use me in this case, to possibly further His kingdom. it sounds like an exciting adventure.

and it definitely affirms the fact that the Lord works in mysterious ways...

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