01 May 2010

on fire for God?

have you ever felt on fire for God? i'm not talking when you're in church and you can feel the Spirit within you or after you've participated in a great bible study.

i'm talking about the common moments of the day,
when you're washing dishes or driving across town...
then, all of a sudden you just get this overwhelming feeling deep within yourself.

and it's not because all is right in the world and your life is perfect.

it happens just because you allow it to.

you let the Spirit come into you and fill you up.

and once you acknowledge it, it slowly slips away...because you're starting to take control, instead of letting Him take control.

and even when this happens,
and the feeling does begin to fade some,
you still can remember that moment when you were on fire for God.

1 comment:

  1. or getting your oil change. no kidding