02 December 2009


it's the season of Advent, a new start for the church calendar, a wonderful season of celebration, a time for preparation.

so what are you preparing for?
-work tomorrow?
-how you'll handle the current crisis?
-having family and friends over?
-a good night sleep?...or maybe just making it through the day...

but what about this....what if we start preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ?

i mean actively preparing ourselves.

it's so much easier said, then done. let's do this together, let's start today, by doing one thing in our own lives to prepare ourselves. then that one thing can multiple, multiple within ourselves and others. it just takes one pebble to make a wave, and i believe that wave can start with us.

so, what change are you going to make?

me, i'm working on love.

loving myself, and loving those who can't love me back

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