20 December 2009

presences or presents?

the holiday time, a time for extra shopping, buying gifts or tokens of appreciation for those you love. purchasing a small gift of thanks for someone who is in your life.

a couple close friends and i have decided not to exchange gifts, for birthdays or holidays. not because we're scrooges or because of the economy. it's because when we buy something for someone, we want it to be meaningful. instead, we allow ourselves to purchase something for each other when we see it in the store and think, "yes, that's just perfect for ...". it doesn't have to be because it's christmas or their birthday, it's just because.

a couple days ago i received an unexpected present, and in it i felt God's presences.

have you ever had a gift like that?

you know the type. when you open it, you feel like God is there in it. you sense the presences of someone greater behind it. and to say thank you doesn't even seem like enough.

for me, it was completely overwhelming....and still is to think about. it was given because of what they saw.

and shouldn't that be the way we feel when we're in the presences of God?

knowing that He is there among us...

sensing something far greater than anyone of us...

being completely overwhelmed.

i pray throughout this christmas season, we can all remember that omnipotent present that wants to be the presences in our lives


  1. You've been busy....and I'm enjoying catching up with your thoughts. Thanks for sharing Beth.

  2. thanks for checking it out scott! it's very much appreciated :)