30 November 2009


i'm sure you're like me, you can say, "God, i give you control of this situation." and then you feel at peace with it, successful in your accomplishment. verbally, it's so easy to do. and maybe you're successful, for a bit of time. gradually though, you start pulling back the control a little at a time, until the stiuation is now completely under your own control, no longer trusting in God.

visualize with me...it's almost like playing tug-of-war with God. i give Him the rope (control of a sitatuion). little by little things become uncomfortable, i become vulnerable, and i take pieces of the rope back until i am pulling against God. literally playing tug-of-war with God. pulling, pulling, pulling on the rope. game face is on. anchoring myself to the ground. determined to win this competition.

but today,




this morning, i heard Him loud and clear. He said to me, that it wasn't a game. He's not going to fight me for control. it's all or nothing.

and i know He's there waiting to take control back;

i just have to release it to Him.

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  1. Learning to release. What a concept...