28 December 2009


okay stop for a second, after reading the title, did you start singing the song the "way we were"? i just wanted to make sure i wasn't alone here on that one.

sometimes as you go through life, you experience something that triggers a memory. occassionally it's something wonderful that takes you back to your childhood, makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, reminding you of a time when your mom would fix your favorite meal. a time when you felt that all was right in the world. but then there's other times that it brings up something that is buried down deep inside of you.

you know, somewhere no one has ever gone before.

it triggers something you may regret and definitely don't talk about with anyone.

it's a place you don't want to acknowledge and hard as you may try, you push it deeper inside of you.

you know, that memory of a bad choice, bad experience, bad situation.... now, because of one incident, it is something you start to wrestle with.

that's where God's grace comes in. you see, He's there, just waiting.

He wants you to let Him in.

He already knows your pain.

remember He was there with you,
by your side....
through it all.

now let Him take you
as you are

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