09 December 2009

3, 2, 1....impact

i think it's easy to say, "wow, that song/book/event impacted me." we all can probably list out things that have made a difference in our lives and impacted us. maybe these events have even shaped us into the people we are today.

recently, while volunteering at "feed the children" i started thinking about the impact i have on others. here i am, packing boxes that will be delivered to families/communities in need. what a blessing it was that my hands were able to touch the items that will help someone else. to know that i'm helping someone get food, soap, or other items of necessity.

have you ever been in need of those items?

you see, i have actually been on the other side of one of those boxes. when i was growing up, one holiday season my mom didn't have enough money for food, bills, etc. the church we belonged to found out about this, delivered boxes of food to us, and even provided a little bit of money for bills to be paid. those people who generously gave will never know how they impacted me.

you see though, that's where i can make a difference. someone willing gave and now it's my turn.

about a year ago, someone told me that when they go to the grocery store, they always pick up at least one extra item that they don't need to donate to a food pantry. because when it comes down to it, can't we all spend an extra 50 cents or a dollar on one extra item? and some weeks, all you can afford is one item, but then other weeks it might be two or three items. you bring it home and put it in a bag and before you know it, you have a bag full of food, to donate....

to impact another life...

to feed someone in need.

and all this reminds me of Christ,
who gave of Himself for us,
and continually does so in the Eucharist.

He makes sure we're fed.

so can't we do the same for others?

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