16 November 2009

"i wish grown-ups could remember being kids"

this quote appeared on my starbucks cup today and it made me think...about why it's important and if it's worth it. i know that it can be argued either way, and yet i've come to one conclusion. i do think it's beneficial.

it's to enjoy the simple things in life that make you smile.

it's to look at the world through their younger eyes and see things how they see them.

it's because time goes so fast. kids want to grow up too quickly, while adults want to slow time down.

it's to help someone who's struggling with issues the same way you did.

i saw this today in middle school, where kids struggle for acceptance and affirmation from friends. when things are topsy-turvy it's considered "drama". i wish i could give them all the hind-sight for them to realize how this molds and shapes each other. for them to know that you might not always remember what was specifically said, but you will remember how someone made you feel.

and maybe that's the point of all of this. to let them all know how awkward the middle school years are, but to let them know they're not alone. even when they feel the world has checked out on them, there is always one constant in their life.

i'm grateful for that constant in my life...

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