15 November 2009

...nightmares and faith...

have you had those dreams that haunt you and continue to haunt you hours after you wake up?

what do you do with that?

this morning, i have experienced just that. during the early hours of the morning, i had such a nightmare. hours later, i can still vividly recall details from this dream, events from a childhood trauma (that i have worked thru and healed from). as i awoke i had questions on my mind....i wake up wondering why did i dream this? and years later i still am left wondering from time to time, why did this even happen? was this dream from God or is satan tempting me in my sleep?

i realize that i have to rely on faith. faith that God saw me thru this before and He can see me thru this again. and with that, i am given peace and the weight of this haunting is beginning to lift.

i know i'm not alone doubting or wondering who is in control. peter needed his faith restored from time to time. i think of when he walked on water with Christ. see matthew 14:25-31.

i still don't think i'm ready to walk on water (literally), but i have comfort knowing that when i am, Christ is there to walk with me. until then, i pray "Lord, save me" (v 30).

i pray that He will do just that,...and save you too....

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