17 November 2009


what's the most uncomfortable situation you can imagine yourself in? what does it look like? what do you look like? sounds? smells?

in acts 8 (v. 26-40), philip ends up talking with an ethiopian eunuch. the eunuch is traveling in a chariot and must be someone of importance. he's also found by philip reading scripture. after talking together, philip baptizes the eunuch. talk about an uncomfortable situation in which philip was able to spread the Word.

now go to acts 10, peter is with a roman centurion, cornelius. cornelius is said to be a follower of God (v. 2). then peter is sent to talk with him. they talk, peter baptizes, the church is spread. peter's uncomfortable situation puts him with non-jews and yet he was able to overcome.

this makes me think of a friend of mine, she lives with alopecia. currently, she has no hair (and i must say the most beautiful bald lady i know). i think of her in uncomfortable situations. i know she has more patience than i would when dealing with this. people come up to her all the time wondering what stage of cancer she might be in. for me, this would get old all too fast! i would be frustrated and would want to wear a shirt that says, "i don't have cancer!" you know though, i don't see her doing that. i see her embracing this opportunity to listen to others and then spread the church.

isn't that what it really comes down to?...spreading the church

so i ask again, what's your uncomfortable situation?

can i and will i allow Christ to use me in that situation?

can you and will you allow Christ to use you in that situation?

...because when it comes down to it,

we're just like philip.
we're just like peter.
i'm just like my friend...

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