25 November 2009


mind your manners, isn't that what we're all taught from a young age. say "please" and "thank you". but don't you and i go thru our days without actually saying it when we need to? such as: "Lord, thanks for the food i have before me," or "thank you God that my car started this morning," or "thanks for bringing that to me."

why don't we remember to do that?

take for instance the book of colossians. paul has been converted, imprisoned, and is writing letters for the followers of Christ. check chapter 3, verse 15-17. how many times is thanks or a form of that word mentioned?

wow, so a man in prison is telling us to give thanks, be thankful, have gratitude.

he's in prison and he's telling us this!

do you get it?

paul continually mentions it to make a point.

therefore, that letter that paul writes it to you and i. once our hearts are set in the right place, we can give thanks.

so if he can remember to give thanks while sitting in a cold, dirty prison cell-
can't you and i do the same?

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  1. crucial thoughts that we all need. we get so wrapped up in ourselves, and our dilemmas, that we quit breathing thankfulness. sure, it starts small, but the complaining eventually takes over our mantra.
    thank you god for.....