07 March 2010

"come to me"

this morning i wanted to take some time to just listen to what's around me. it's all part of the process of reconnecting with God, getting dialed in, and being in His presence.

so i sat and listened.

i heard the ticking of my ceiling fan, and my breathing slowed and fell into rhythm with it.

i heard an occasional bird, hopefully signifying that spring is on its way.

after a period of time, i began to hear, feel, and visualize God. and this is what it was like for me...

with my eyes closed i was listening. God was there. i felt as though i was coming home to Him once again, after a brief time away from Him, and there He was ready to embrace me...to hug me. only i didn't know how to respond to this. do i hug Him back? do i just stand there with my arms to my sides? i chose the latter because that's what i needed this morning. He was there welcoming me home, saying "come to me".

read joel 2:12-14a

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  1. Thanks for sharing the verse. Encouraged by your journey.