31 March 2010

loose to gain

sometimes we have to loose a little, so we can gain so much more.

and i think of what i can loose in order to gain. this goes beyond the physicality of weight and such. because if i start to let go of things and move beyond things of the world, i begin to wonder what i can truly gain.

and the blessing is this is God will reveal it little by little. i know this because i have witnessed this within my own life as i start to let things go. prior to doing that, i was fearful of the change and what would/could happen. i would psych myself out of it, before anything had happened. luckily, God blesses me and shows me what i can gain from it all.

and if i let Him in a little at a time, it's not so scary.

i just need to remember that and keep my life focused on Him

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