25 March 2010

the prodigal son

i'm going to be very honest right now, i don't like the parable of the prodigal son (luke 15:11-32). i truly don't. i have come to the conclusion it is because it's the parable i most need to connect with. my avoidance is really blocking me from seeking the message within it.

you see, i don't like the way either of the sons acts. the younger one is too careless and too carefree. he's goes out and does what he wants, and when he fails he comes home. this aggravates me. then the older son whines and constantly seeks validation. he likes the rules and wants them to be kept. and if that's not enough, then there's the father...the loving, merciful father. who seems to love both of his sons, unconditionally. and i wonder, how does he love like that? and if it can't get any better, the father goes on to forgive his son. what?!? the son that wanted his money and left him, he goes and offers forgiveness to.

do you see my frustration with this story?!?

it's just not fair.

it's just not fair.

it's just not fair.

and when i say that, i'm missing the point of it.
the father loves and forgives because Our Father loves and forgives

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