07 February 2010

words of wisdom

today my friend reminded me that "perfection is found in the atoning grace of God, not in societal thinking."

why is it then do we get so caught up in what society values and thinks? i know it's because we tend to crave acceptance and validation of others, instead of worrying about getting those things from God. all of this makes me realize that i need to be reprogrammed to think differently.

when Jesus was out ministering, we know that He was with the tax collectors, the prostitutes, the ill/diseased. i am reminded of how others viewed Him for doing that. then i think of how Jesus saw perfection in those people. which made me wonder, do i do the same?

do i see perfection in all people, or do i only see perfection in the ones that society values?

am i so quick to judge others, instead of viewing them as God does?

and i know i don't see perfection in all people. i know i worry about how others will view me for accepting someone or something. and sometimes that worry even taints my point of view. i'm too caught up in gaining approval from others, instead of gaining approval from God.

which makes me realize that today, i need the Spirit to mold me and my heart to help me to do this. i need God to work in my life, to remind me of what His perfection is and where i can see it. and my prayer is that the grace of God can open all of our eyes to His perfection and beauty that He sees in each and everyone of us.

after all, we were created in His image (genesis 1:27), should we see others as anything less?

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