24 February 2010


what does it feel like to look at someone without judgement?...to not let our eyes be clouded with what the secular world values, but to look at others with compassion, openness, seeing the beauty in all.

unfortunately, i don't feel successful in doing this. i'm too quick to judge others based on their appearance. i'm too quick to see others as i want to see them and not as God wants me to see them.

and isn't there something lost when i...or we... do this?

do we miss out on opportunities and experiences because we're too focused on secular values?

do we miss out on people who could positively influence our lives, but we don't let them in because of our clouded judgement?

what would it look like for us to set that all aside then? to be able to look at people and experiences with open eyes and open hearts as God does, allowing Him to reveal the beauty He sees in all of us. think of all there is to gain! and by doing this, we can see His work, His majesty, His glory.

because when Jesus reigns in our hearts, it's shown in our lives.

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