17 February 2010

tattoos on ash wednesday

today while in the restroom, a little boy who had to be about 3 years old came up to me and asked if i had a tattoo on my forehead. i loved his innocence and curiosity, all rolled into one. i quickly thought of how to respond. this was my chance to tell someone about Jesus. even though i had imagined i would usually be witnessing to someone older, i still needed to let God use me in this instance.

i told the little boy it was a sign to represent Jesus. then his mom chimed in explaining that today was ash wednesday and people put a mark on their foreheads to remind them about Jesus. it was a sweet conversation and i'm so glad i was there where God needed me.

now, i sit at home still thinking about this. i think about how blessed i am to openly wear a sign of Christ, reminding me and those i come in contact with of His great sacrifice for us all. i also wonder how i can use that sign that i will wear just for today, throughout my lenten journey.

can i take that simple conversation and allow it to lead me closer to God?

will i allow God to use me in ways like that again?

my response is that i hope so...that my eyes, ears, and even heart will be open to simplistic things-
just like what happened today.

...from dust you came, to dust you shall return (genesis 3:19)...

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