12 February 2010

follow the leader

remember the game we used to play as a child? the only good part about it was being the leader. it wasn't as fun being the follower, unless there was the hope of one day leading the pack. as an adult, i feel like i can still play that game...except i still want to be the leader, when the greater One is there to lead.

it's easy with life situations to do this. take the lead over from God and then when things are tough or even going smoothly, i can give the lead back to God for awhile. and this game continues on into adulthood.

you see, i can take the lead because God won't fight me for it. He won't push me out of the way. He just graciously steps aside, knowing that i will fail, but loving me through it anyway.

so now it's my turn to give up the lead. if i say God is my leader, i need to commit to it and follow through with my words.

i know i will just be in the pack with everyone else,

but that's where i should be.

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