11 February 2010

the know it all

okay, i'm not talking about myself when i title this "the know it all" because i am far from that. i like to think i do know it all, but am constantly reminded that i don't. and for that, i am grateful. however, i'm sure that we all know someone who tends to take on that role, as annoying as it might be.

take for instance peter in luke 5:1-11. peter is trying to tell Jesus that he can't catch fish because they already tried to do so all night long, to no avail. did you catch that? peter is trying to tell Jesus something. i love this because it makes me smile as i am reminded of how much i am like peter. i think i have the answers, instead of being open to Jesus' teaching.

peter then decides to let the nets down to try and catch fish, as Jesus requested. and as peter does this, i wonder what the thoughts are that are running through his head. peter knows that it's impossible to catch fish right now, but because of Jesus it becomes possible.

it's the impossible becoming possible.

and all done because peter let Jesus in. he became open to Jesus, humbled himself, and was taught.

and i wonder if i'm open like that.
i think i am, but in reality am i really?

are you open to experience God like that?

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