02 January 2010


do you ever think of your life as an adventure? a time to go out and explore, be amazed at all God is doing in the world, and in your life.

maybe it's just easier to sit back passively and watch the world go by. thinking you're actively involved in life, but when it comes down to it, it's just more comfortable to sit back and watch the world go by. to think, "wow, it would be cool to do....," but you never take advantage of it.


because it is out of your comfort zone...out of my comfort zone. we're so afraid of what could come about and it's just easier to live life as we always do, without a risk.

but let's stop for a second. what if we all decided to live in the moment, right here, right now?

what if we decided to live life as an adventure?

you see, it normally takes a "wake up call" to get us to do that. not all of us are willing to see or even acknowledge those wake up calls. it just makes us too vulnerable. and the truth is, we're probably scared of what could happen.

so what's it going to take for you and i to really live these lives that God has given to us? are we going to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and unsure; yet confident knowing that it is in God's hands?

you see, we only have one shot at this. God gives us one life to live.

it's so much better saying that you lived your life to the fullest, full of wonder and adventures, then to say i lived a life of "what ifs?".


  1. I very much agree with you. My life has been one risk after another -- risks of a variety of kinds. I urge everyone to take the risk. Caution gets one not very far.

  2. thanks for sharing, elizabeth