30 January 2010


in our culture today, we always want more or the best of something. it is almost as if we're programed to crave the latest technology, clothing, automobiles, you name it. i fall victim to this as much as anyone else.

when it comes down to it, don't we actually have less, even though it looks like we have more?

here's what i mean, we constantly want more....stuff. and it's just...stuff, that's filling some pain or void in our lives. a temporary fix to some problem, covering like a band-aid. but as we all try to fix ourselves this way, what is really being destroyed in the meantime?

for me, it's time to hear the voice of Jesus on my heart. He wants that deeper relationship with me, with you. and as i start to acknowledge that voice, it starts to get louder. i have to remember to let the voice be heard, to not shut it out because He's better than all this...stuff we have.

so, are we all willing to let this stuff go and grab onto something more deeper and more meaningful in life?

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