20 January 2010

too casual?

have you ever thought that perhaps your Christianity is becoming too casual? that we are too comfortable in what we know and believe? maybe we have it all figured out. we have been trained to answer the religious questions with all the right answers.

but does that mean we really feel it, deep in our souls?

check luke 7:36-50. the character i'm most interested in is not Jesus, but that of the sinful woman. do you know why? it's because she is not casual about her faith.

did you catch that? she is not casual about her faith.

she understands what forgiveness means, deep in her soul. she knows and seeks out Jesus at simon's house just to pour perfume on His feet. and the whole time this is going on, simon can't understand it, can't wrap his head around this action.

however, the sinful woman gets it.

Jesus gets it.

in the end, her faith has saved her (v. 50)

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