02 January 2010


have you taken the time to think about the impact words have? honestly, it's not something i always think of, but today i did, as something was said to me. the truth is that words have impact, regardless of our intent behind them.

tender words...
"i love you"

anger filled words....
"i hate you"

meaningful words...
"i'm so proud of you"

all of this made me think of how it must have been to be at the baptism of Jesus (see matthew 3:13-17). imagine how it must have been to hear God's voice when He said, "this is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased" (v. 17). can you even visualize what that must of been like? how must it feel to hear words like that?

i think about how john the baptist must have felt. first, he doesn't feel that he's worthy enough to baptize jesus. then as he's in the jordan river he hears a voice booming down at him.

he was able to hear something so affirmative and positive about the one he had just baptized. john was there, knowing and feeling God's glory and approval.

so, when have you heard words like that, that impacted you in your life?

how did it make you feel?

for me,
it was today,
and it took my breath away.

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