20 January 2010


when do we let go of the materialism in the world to seek something greater?

this question has been on my heart and in my mind recently. yes, i would have to say due to the recent disasters in the world, it has definitely been something i'm thinking about more and more. and isn't that sad that it takes tragedy to think of something like this?

you see, the secular world promotes what they see as successful, and Lord knows i've been subject to that myself. sucked into the lies of what's necessary and fulfilling. it's all about finding that one thing that says, "yes, you've made it!" and maybe it's driving in a specific automobile, or owning a big home, or wearing specific brands of clothes.

but when it comes down to it, haven't i found that one thing that says, "yes beth, you've made it"?

haven't you found that one thing that says, "yes ____________, you've made it"?

so let's do something simple and open up our hearts to the call of Jesus,
and allow Him to show us what success really is

...because once we truly seek Him, it is possible that we will have it all...

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