11 October 2010

where do you find your release?

today, i came home with a full head of thoughts; lots on my mind and the need to relieve some of it. you know, it was just one of those days....where you feel as though you're being used by God and then you feel tested at other times, all within the same day, hour, minute. it's that overwhelming feeling with the need to take your mind off of it.

so, i cleaned my bathroom.

say what?!?!

yes, you read that correctly, that's i was able to occupy my mind, even for a little bit.

i realized that instead of fighting God for the control in the here and now, i needed to find something i could control in my life. and i can definitely control the cleanliness of my bathroom. so i got my supplies and dedicated some time to making my bathroom look good. and i do feel better.

okay, so porcelain doesn't shine as well as it could, but it is clean. and i know that God's still got this and i'm not wasting my energy battling Him for power....because let's face it, i do that enough (just ask me about my restless night last night).

i also know that i invested my energy in a good way, so much so that it took mind off somethings...even temporarily.

so where do you find your release today?


  1. Hi Beth. I stumbled upon your blog via the Ransomed Heart twitter page. I love when we find a release in something that seems trivial, like cleaning the bathroom. :) God seems wild enough to plan something like that, doesn't He? I usually find my release fly-fishing, but sometimes it's just driving around and listening to tunes.

    Thanks for the post. Made me think!

  2. hi brock,
    thanks for sharing and checking out my blog.
    grace and peace,

  3. I tried to post a long comment on my day. And the challenge of letting GOD be GOD. But I guess that wasn't meant to be. Besides I missed the question.
    I guess my letting go execise is going to a thrift shop and looking for a book or an old record that speaks to me. I found a book today that was on men of the bible. It discribed David as the forgotten son who became the king. And Paul was descibed as coming to GOD after getting it all wrong. It still happens. I am learning never to underestimate the power of LOVE.

    I don't usually blog so this is really unusual
    i just typed in let GOD be GOD and here I am. Thanks Peace be with you Sis

  4. thanks for visiting and letting me know you were here. i hope you come back and visit this blog again.

    blessings on the "letting God be God" :)

  5. I find myself reading this blog once again. Thanks for inviting me back.

    When Noah was building the ark, there must have been days when he felt as if, he was going nowhere fast.

    Forgive my grammer some of this I missed in
    grade school.

    However what I want to convey is this sense of spinning, you look and sense that you are going nowhere FAST. Those stop the world I wanna get off moments.

    Faith is not getting excited when the unexpected guests arrive with their own food.

    Faith is believing that when you are in the middle of transition that the outcome will be better than the loss.

    I never want to leave anything behind..... not even grandma'a slippers. Just because I want to remain connected to what I know..that which is familiar.

    A woman in the bible built a room for the prophet. I wonder what they said about her. I believe she was a widow.

    The prophet had his own room because she had taken the time to prepare for his return.

    Faith is believing that it all counts. I only want to see the end product. But it doesn't work that way.

    Noah had to have patience and faith to build.

    A pile of clutter in front of a doorway can be blocking your path in. But it can also be the by product of your cleaning out a room. It may be the final mess going out the door.

    So don't judge a day by the clutter in the doorway until you see which way it's going.

    Thanks for allowing me to ramble. GOD's peace be with you dear one.