05 October 2010

forgive myself?

i was rereading luke 17, specifically 17:3-4. Jesus instructs us to forgive those who sin against us....even when they repeat the sin. if they come back and repent, we are to forgive. and it doesn't matter if they ask five times or fifty-five times. we are to forgive the sinner.

forgive the sinner.

forgive the sinner.

...but how hard is it to apply it to ourselves?

because isn't it easier to carry our own baggage around than to let it go and be forgiven?
isn't it comfortable carrying that extra weight around on our shoulders?
feeling the strain of it on our lives?

satan constantly reminds me of my failures. and unfortunately i will hear his voice louder than God's.
yet, the same forgiveness i give to others i should give to myself....right?


because i don't deserve to carry it around more than anyone else.

it is something i need to ask God for and willingly accept.

it is something i am worthy of.

it is something i deserve.

why must i battle it then?

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