03 October 2010


it's sunday morning and i'm sitting blogging with a cup of coffee near by. my stomach has just woken up and is beginning to let me know that it's hungry. right now it's something that's just subtle, nothing that can't be ignored while i sit here finishing my thoughts.

and this got me thinking and wondering, "what are we all truly hungry for?"
and i'm thinking beyond the substance of food...

today, i can't put my finger on what exactly would fill me up. i pretty sure it's because i'm distracted by my to-do list today and everything that i want to accomplish....and i'm partly to blame as i'm not letting my heart and mind be quiet enough to figure it out.

and maybe it will be something that will come to me later in the day, when i least expect it. God does have a way of doing that....and as i type that a smile comes across my face, knowing that indeed that is how He works. He has planted the thought, now it's mine to cultivate.

so, i need to ask you, what are you hungry for?






what would fill you up right now, past the content feeling, to making you feel full?

i hope you find that today

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