25 October 2010

witnessing love

have you ever been at a wedding and witnessed a certain magical connection between the bride and groom? now you might think that every wedding is magical in it's own way because of the love between the couple. but what i'm talking about is a certain oneness that is not always visible at wedding ceremonies...it something that's unspoken between the bride and groom, and it is so magical that they are connected in the most intimate way.

this was something i witnessed this summer.
it was breath-taking!
i felt honored and blessed to be apart of the evening.

and i vividly remember what God showed me that night.

another time was at a foot washing. and you know the scenario right? we wash the feet of others, as Jesus did for His disciples before His own death. it's a time to slow down, to show our appreciation....our gratitude.....our love for another. it's a humbling experience being on both sides of this. it's one of those stop and think moments, when you know that God is there working....connecting with you, and if you quiet your heart and mind just enough...

...you can hear Him.

i did
and i desperately wanted to hold onto that moment,
wanting to hear more words
and in a flash,
it was gone.

but i remember what God said.

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