12 April 2010

matthew 15:16

recently, i was listening to a podcast and matthew 15:16 was jokingly referenced. i looked it up (esv version) and it reads: "and he (Jesus) said, 'are you also still without understanding?'" you see, Jesus is talking to His disciples about how we all defile and hurt one another. i love how he calls them out and basically says to them, "what don't you understand?!? what am I not saying clear enough for you?!? how can you not get it?!?". i wonder what Jesus' tone of voice must have been like and how His face must have looked at this point in time in this conversation. think about how irritated must He have felt, as they were not grasping the lesson He was sharing with them.

and then i begin to think of myself and wonder what i'm not getting.

how often must God be saying to me, "beth, are you also still without understanding?"

even one better is in the nlt translation, which states, "'don’t you understand yet?' Jesus asked." (notice that they had to include the 'yet' in the translation.)

and no, i don't think i understand 'yet'. because when i think i get things figured out in my life, i fall back into not understanding what's going on. i fall into the same patterns of behavior, repeat lessons, and don't learn anything new. so no, i don't understand yet.

and if Jesus had to ask His closest friends this, imagine what He wants to ask you and i.

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