07 April 2010

mary magdalene

i have recently been thinking about mary magdalene and what her life would have been like, to live at the time of Jesus. i know she gets a horrible rap for the choices she made and the way she chose to live her life. and you might be thinking, "beth, she's one of the most noted woman sinners of Jesus' time. why are you thinking about her? what could she possibly teach you?"

you see, she's a sinner just like you and i. the difference is that her life and sinful nature is written about in the bible for all to read, and thankfully mine is not.

and amid all her sin and troubles, she was a devout follower of Christ. i guess that's what i see when i look at her example in the bible. i see how she continually followed Jesus, even in her hard times.

i think that's a good lesson for us all. when the world is looking at us and judging our sins, we should find hope our in Lord.


  1. Sometimes I think that Mary M's story is in the Bible just for me. She really is an inspiration...she really had passion for our Savior.

    And I, as well, am so happy my sin story is not written in history for all to see. But I am so thankful that hers is. God really can use anything for his Glory!

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. thanks for checking out my blog, rebecca. i appreciate the feedback. i look forward to checking your blog out as well.

    grace and peace