04 April 2010


today is Easter sunday. it's not a surprise to me and may not be a surprise to you either. but i think of all those who don't know what this day really, truly stands for. i think of those who are caught up in the cadbury eggs and jelly beans. those who look to the easter bunny for colored eggs and fun toys symbolizing spring is here.

i look at how big the world is and wonder how can this be.

i see posts on facebook today declaring that 'He is risen!' and this will be seen by believers and nonbelievers. a few might respond by saying 'He is risen, indeed!' some will go about their day without really acknowledging it. others may will see it, know it's something, but not ask what it's really about.

and that makes me sad.

because i know that the tomb was empty.

and i want others to know that too.

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