04 October 2011


weeds could seriously be my demise. they seem to grow exponentially in a matter of hours. and why?

to irritate me?

to make me work in the soil and get dirt under my fingernails?

to allow me to wear stylish gardening gloves?

as i'm outside this afternoon, spending time tilling the soil and pulling weeds i started to think about God.

it was quiet,
and peaceful.

and i started to watch my hands as they were pulling out the weeds.
the small ground cover.
the tall ones disguising themselves as grass or flowers.
ones with strong roots.
ones with weak roots.

then i began to wonder if this is how God feels about clearing out my life.

He pulls away the small ground cover of sin.

He takes away the tall sins disguising themselves.

He tugs on the sins with strong roots, grabbing what He can
..and sometimes there are roots left behind
because i just can't let them all go.

He pushes aside the sins with weak roots.

and i thought about how God has to come back into my life,
time after time,
to clear away my weeds.
some weeds unfortunately never get totally cleared away,
while others are gone, never grow again in my life.

and it's not because God added some magical weed killer to it.

it's because when i give it to God, He takes care of it.

and when i hold onto those roots,
God will come back with His gardening gloves on and try again,
taking with Him what He can.

because just like my garden area, i'm a work in progress

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