03 October 2011


what do you do with fear?

for me, there's not an easy answer.

because if you're the one dealing with it, you know how it feels to be a prisoner of that fear.

it holds you in chains.
binds you.
controls the way you function and relate to others.
affects the decisions that you make.

and it just there...


and so what do you do?

you can let the fear control you. the cycle remains and just keeps repeating itself because there's nothing different to break the pattern. and the fear is content, uninterrupted, and comfortable.

but you're still stuck with this fear...

...or you can realize that it's time to do something about it.

as difficult as it is to make a slight change.

to take a chance.

to possibly risk it all.

and you pray
you pray for courage.

the courage to give your fear over to God.
the courage to set fear aside and step out of your comfort zone.
courage to know that you don't have to live in bondage; to know that there is a plan and purpose for you and your life.

and you can be free.

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