18 September 2011

psalm 46:10

"be still, and know that I am God." psalm 46:10

today, i was out picking up a new book and ended up buying a pen with this bible verse on it. it was perfect because it's currently one of my favorite bible verses. and the pen is black, so it was obviously made for me.

on a serious note though, this bible verse is something i personally struggle with. and i'm not talking in a minute way. you see, i can't get past the first two words.

be still

be still

be still

how exactly does one do that?

be still

to stop and breathe.

relax and listen.

sometimes, i think that the only time i can "be still" is when i'm in meditation mode at yoga... and even, then i don't think i'm completely still.
and maybe that's the point of this being on my heart today and popping up on a pen for me to see.
i can begin focus on being still.
and maybe, just maybe that will help me to know God

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