16 January 2011

a pink polar fleece vest

recently, i bought a polar fleece pink vest. i know, it's mind-boggling to think that i purchased something other than black. when i first got it, i wanted to wear it all the time...seriously! it was cozy, warm, a new, bright color for me, and went well with black. man, it was just something i really enjoyed. plus, i got a great deal on it, which made me want to wear it even more. it was as though i reverted back to being a kid when i got a new shirt and wanted to wear it all the time.

do you remember doing that?

then i began to think how my relationship with Jesus can be like that pink, polar fleece vest.

at least for me, there are times when i can't get enough of Jesus. i want to spend as much time as possible with Him, listening to Him, praising Him, being with Him. and it's just like when i got that new vest. i couldn't get enough of it.

gradually though, my thrill of the pink vest will be replaced with something else, as seasons change and something new will catch my attention. the vest will be moved into my closet and maybe even pushed to the back from time to time. i know that's it's there and not going anywhere. it will be there when i want to wear it again.

and truth be told, the same will happen in my relationship with Jesus.

something new takes me away from Jesus.

and i take comfort (and too much confidence) in knowing that He'll always be there,

even when He's buried in the back of my closet with the vest.

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