06 January 2012

a realization

i've realized that
sometimes i forget
or am unaware
of how much
the God of our universe
and then
i'm gently reminded

i have noticed this time and time again throughout the week. it's as if i've gotten a quick glimpse of God in the little things in life. a reminder that He's there....as if i have taken it for granted or forgotten.

and maybe that was His point

to get me to realize the little things

and how He's in control of them.

all too often i focus on the big things in life and casually pass by the mundane and routine things. this week though, it's the routine and mundane things that caught my attention.

some may call it coincidence.
others may chalk it up to chance or luck.
i prefer to think of it as God gently reminding me

that He's in control.

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